The installation of Xtreme is very simple:


- if it's a new installation, simply extract the whole archive into an directory of your choice and start emule.exe by double-click


- if you already use another eMule-version:

simply replace the files of the other eMule-version by the files of the archive



Update of antiLeech.dll:
download the new version of into the eMule-directory. Then click on "Reload" at the Xtreme-preferences, or you can just restart eMule. EMule will change the name of into antiLeech.dll and load it. An older version of the antiLeech.dll will be changed into antiLeech.dll.old.


vista users attention! If emule failes to load the new antiLeech.dll (have a look at your Log) you have todo the following: delete your old antiLeech.dll and rename the new into antiLeech.dll. Then restart emule.